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The heroic efforts of Brandwatch employees ensured that a sunny day on Brighton beach was a clean one too!

On Thursday 19th we successfully hosted our first Office Heroes beach clean between the piers for the now pioneers: Brandwatch.

Starting off outside the Tempest Inn, our office heroes picked up their litter grabbers, headphones and gloves before hitting the beach, ridding the rubbish that was threatening to spoil it.

By the end of the one hour beach clean an impressive 100kg of litter was collected; comprised of – amongst other things – plastic bottles, tin cans and even toy trucks that people had left on the beach. Prizes were allocated to the team that collected the most rubbish, as well as the highest number of bottle caps picked and the weirdest item found. Aside from the trucks and figurines that were found the most bizarre was a headless doll!

Brandwatch’s winning team, going by the name of BDR, managed the largest hoard and took home their very own Beach Clean Hero tote bags, reusable steel and bamboo straws.

The teams from Brandwatch had a great time doing something a bit different that incorporated a fun and unique team building exercise, as well as fulfilling social responsibilities on a personal and company wide basis.

The day ended with some well-deserved drinks in the sun, celebrating a great afternoon.


If you’re interested in an Office Heroes Beach Clean for your company do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

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