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Be A Beach Clean Hero Saturday 3rd March - BRIGHTON BEACH

Calling All Mini Superheroes

Family beach clean

Now is the time to harness the energy of our children to help rid our beloved Brighton beach of plastic rubbish. Plastic pollution has become a dominating feature on our beaches and is harming the marine environment.


Children love to spend time at the beach, it naturally energizes them! Being out in the fresh air, meeting new friends and a sense of accomplishment is a rewarding experience. Taking part in our beach clean provides kids with a fun, hands-on opportunity to make a difference and learn some real life lessons about the environment.

Plastic pollution

The extent of the plastic problem has been in the news and children are aware of it. The beach clean is an opportunity to show that they can have an impact and make a difference to the world they live in. People who have taken part say that it has opened their eyes to what ends up in the sea. We want to encourage our children to learn about environmental and conservation issues to help them value, respect and actively protect our environment - skills needed in this day and age.

Family beach clean

Our aim is for the beach clean to be a fun day out for all the family. Everyone is invited to come dressed as a Superhero with prizes for the best up-cycled/recycled/sustainable costume, the best trash selfie and for the most bottle tops collected by one person (for an exciting #StreetsAhead art project) There will also be a silent disco with 3 music channels - including, for the first time, our own local DJs!

We'll be stationed inside The Tempest Inn for you to collect your litter grabbers at any time between 11am-2pm and clean the beach for as long as you like. When you return treat yourself to a special half-price bottomless brunch for just £10 (courtesy of The Tempest Inn)!

Indoor activities will keep you entertained after your clean including games and crafts for all ages, and the Trash Converter will be back so you can swap your trash for treats!

Come and be part of this community event, it is a chance for children (and grown-ups!) to have fun and be empowered to do their bit for nature.


This event is organised by Pier 2 Pier

The event is sponsored by Brighton & Hove City Council.


**Please bring your own reusable bag for collecting litter

**Refundable £5 deposit or ID/bank card required for headphones

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