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How to avoid egg-cessive plastic waste this Easter!


Easter eggs bought in Britain generate an estimated 3,000 tonnes of waste each year! That’s according to the government’s waste advisory body, Wrap. But despite some recent improvements, many of our favourite Easter treats remain over-packaged and unrecyclable.

It doesn’t have to be this way. At Pier 2 Pier we’re all about cutting down on unnecessary waste, so we’ve compiled this handy guide to having the best time at Easter, while avoiding putting a strain on our planet.

Choose Foil Wrapped Eggs

Who doesn’t love a simple foil wrapped chocolate Easter egg? A few years ago lots of Easter Egg producers got rid of plastic packaging and reshaped the cardboard boxes to securely hold the foil wrapped eggs. Always opt for Easter eggs that don’t come contained within wasteful plastic frames. And make sure you recycle the foil and any cardboard when you’re done eating them!

Go for Reusable Packaging

Many eggs these days come in lovely reusable packaging, such as decorated tins. You can keep them for next year (and years and years after that!) and fill them without whatever chocolatey treats you want. Plus they look great!

Be Less Traditional

You can opt for something a little less traditional and go for some non-egg shaped chocolate. There are loads of fun shaped chocolates out there – which will only come in a single layer of protective plastic or foil wrapping, avoiding the large amount of packaging you often get with eggs. You could also give good ole’ standard chocolate bars – perfect for chocoholics, with lots more chocolate and loads less packaging. Who doesn’t like getting more bang (or chocolate) for their buck?


Do It Yourself!

Invest in some egg moulds, buy a few chocolate bars from the supermarket and make your own Easter eggs! It’ll be messy, but loads of fun - and the kids will love it! Not to mention it’ll probably be the cheapest way of doing Easter in the long run. Here are some tips on making your own Easter eggs from Jamie Oliver.

Get Creative!

If you’re feeling really creative, then why not get the kids (or the grown-ups!) to make their own wrapping for your DIY Easter Eggs? Re-use some old tin foil by wrapping it around your eggs, and then decorate it with sharpies, paint - whatever you want! Check out this awesome guide to making your own easter egg art from I Heart Crafty Things.

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