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Brighton Beach is the beating heart of our seaside city, but it is often littered with harmful plastics that make their way into the ocean and cause major threats to marine life.

Renowned local companies like Brandwatch and Kineo have already realised the benefits of taking action, and have signed up to Pier 2 Pier's brand new “Office Heroes” scheme -
a fun and unique way to make a genuine difference in the fight against ocean litter, while meeting corporate social responsibility goals and providing valuable team-building.

embrace YOUR social/environmental responsibility

Today, successful businesses are the ones who go the extra mile to prove their commitment to the environment. The diverse millennial generation is now the largest consumer and employee market, and their expectations are higher than ever. A 2015 study found that nine in 10 millennials would switch brands to one associated with a cause for good, and 87% would purchase a product because a company advocated for an issue they cared about.

“This hyper-connected generation is consuming media at an unprecedented pace. With social and environmental issues constantly in their social media feeds and inboxes, they simply can’t ignore how their decisions impact the world around them” says Lisa Manley of CSR Strategy.

So what could an office heroes day do for your business?

  • An opportunity to genuinely do good for the environment and engage with the local community.

  • Improve your public image and build on your relationship with consumers.

  • Increase your chances of positive news and social media coverage.

  • Attract and retain engaged and productive employees.

and what about your staff?

  • Working together towards a common goal builds trust, mitigates conflict, encourages communication and increases collaboration - a perfect combination for working culture.

  • Spending time out of the office helps to harness creativity when back in the office.

  • Beach cleaning makes for a calmer life and calmer employees - here's 5 reasons why!

Book an Office Heroes day with Pier 2 Pier and get a half-day beach clean between the West and Palace Piers; including wireless headphones, 3 music channels, an optional motivational MC, litter pickers, gloves, beach clean leaders and safety officers, and a photo feature on our blog (we’re always happy to provide our logo for use on your website - beach cleans are a unique and eye-catching PR opportunity for your CSR commitment).

Extras to your day could include beach clean games, competitions and prizes, educational talks and film screenings, full corporate hospitality events package with food, drinks and event management at a beach front location, or even a team trip up the BA i360!

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