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Beach Clean Bingo is back throughout March-April!

It's officially time for a Beach Spring Clean!

Spring has arrived! Will YOU join the rest of the UK in Spring-cleaning our beaches?

After the success of our Beach Clean Bingo event last year, we're giving you the chance to download your own Bingo cards and play in aid of the Great British Spring Clean - a national awareness campaign by Keep Britain Tidy which encourages thousands of people each year to clean up streets and beaches from 22nd March to 23rd April!

How to play...

  1. Download our Beach Clean Bingo cards here
  2. Go beach cleaning as much as possible (wherever you are). 
  3. Whenever you collect an item on a Bingo card, snap a pic.
  4. Once you complete a card send us your pics and shout #BEACHCLEANBINGO!!
  5. You might win a prize, you will DEFINITELY win a warm fuzzy feeling at least! 

Tag us in your pics to win on: Instagram (@Pier2Pierbtn), Twitter (@Pier2PierBTN), or Facebook (@Pier2PierBrighton).

Pier2Pier and the Great British Spring Clean in the national press...

Some of our lovely Pier2Pier participants and our founder Amy Gibson were featured in an article by the Mail, marking the start of the Great British Spring Clean. Hopefully this means that this Spring there'll be more beach clean heroes than ever!

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