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As summer comes barrelling into view and our city becomes a hotbed of music, theatre and performance art, there’s only one name on everyone’s lips - Brighton Fringe.

To celebrate this month of fun and diversity we’re hosting a Fringe-inspired Silent Disco Beach Clean!

Taking place on Sunday 20th May, the theme is simple: set yourself free!

Get arty, get creative, get wild, and get out there. It promises to be an afternoon of self-expression and fun, a chance to be whoever you want to be, befitting of such an eclectic festival like Fringe.

Need an excuse to wear that over-the-top outfit you bought years ago? Wear it! Wishing you had a reason to dress like a king or queen? You know what to do. If your children are nagging you to wear their Children’s Parade costumes again then let them - it’s time to up-cycle!

If you’ve been to our beach cleans before then you’ll know that whilst we try to educate, we’re really all about fun. So let your inner child out to play for an afternoon, pick up litter and dance like everyone's watching but you couldn't care less! And look out for a few Fringe-inspired surprises we have in store!

Our Fringe-inspired beach clean is of course open to all ages, as there will be something for children and adults alike! It's a great opportunity to entertain the kids while teaching them about how to reduce plastic waste in the seas for future generations.

It goes without saying that at Pier 2 Pier we want to give Mother Nature a helping hand, so try not to buy new when putting your outfit together - reuse or recycle instead!

It’s also important to remember why we do this. Whilst the arrival of summer lends itself to long afternoons spent laying in the sun or shielding your chips from swooping seagulls, it also means a rise in plastic waste littering our beach. Last month we found the beach in a bad way, managing to pick up over 200 kg in only three hours. Every straw and bottle cap and plastic bag is a threat to the beaches, marine life and oceans we cherish.

Together we can make a difference, spread the environmental word and set an example to those who use the beach every day. One litter pick might not seem like much, but it will transform our surroundings, whilst having fun as we clean!

From 11am to 2pm we’ll be waiting for you outside Pop Up Brighton, situated on the seafront, ready to hand you litter grabbers, headphones and gloves before you head out onto the beach to clean and dance for as long as you like!

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