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Another one bites the dust!

At our beach cleans we like to tailor the music for the occasion, and we love making you a playlist - like our Valentines Day's Love Your Beach and, our favourite, Golden Oldies! For our Easter Weekend Birthday Beach Clean Bonanza, we asked YOU for your favourite cleaning songs to get us in the spring cleaning mood (#GBspringclean)- and you came out with some belters...

No Spring clean would be complete with Freddie and his hoover...

I Want To Break Free (from the trash and mess)

Don't we all!

A few words changed here, but definitely for the better.

Send me on my way... where's Matilda when you have a beach to clean!?

Shake It Off

A perfect motivation and all-round jiggle-inducing classic.

Some sort of epic rock ballad

We've got you covered with a banger from one of the best films ever... Dude Looks Like a Lady!

We loved your suggestions, so we've added them (and many more) to our Spring Cleaning Songs playlist for Saturday's beach clean - you can listen any time you want to clean with extra pizzazz HERE. Our kid-friendly pop playlist will also be available on Saturday, and you can listen HERE.

Our Easter Weekend Birthday Beach Clean Bonanza takes place this Saturday 20th April 12-2pm at the BAi360, Brighton. More information can be found HERE.

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