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Brighton beach has been left spotless by our Silent Disco Beach Clean for Earth Day!

Sweltering in the midst of April’s heat wave, there has never been a better time to enjoy Brighton, and never a better time to give our beach a helping hand!

Over two hundred people left the beach clean as a whistle after a fantastic effort on our Silent Disco beach clean for Earth Day!

Last Sunday 22nd April, over 200kg of litter was bagged and binned by our volunteers in just three hours, impressive considering how tempting it was to lay down a towel and sunbathe next to the sea!

When we arrived on the beach ready for the clean we were saddened to see the extent of the challenge ahead of us. Bins overflowed with rubbish, scattering across the pebbles and bringing it within touching distance of the sea.

The sheer amount of litter might have been daunting, but our hordes of headphone-wearing superstars quickly transformed the beach, leaving it spotless for those enjoying the afternoon sun.

Volunteer heroes from all corners of Brighton - families, couples, friends and students - turned out to listen to music and pick some litter. Many arrived in colourful costumes representing a favourite gift of nature, whether that be animal, plant or habitat. We loved it!

Our Trash Converter - situated outside the Tempest Inn - was quickly brimming with waste, ready to be sorted and recycled. By two o’clock the only problem was that we’d run out of plastic to pick!

The focus of Earth Day 2018 was to ‘End Plastic Pollution’, highlighting its harmful effects on oceans, sea-life and humans, and how best we can tackle the issue. One of the main methods of doing this is to raise awareness, changing human behaviour and attitudes along the way.
Whilst cleaning Brighton beach might seem small in comparison to the size of the issue, it demonstrated exactly why it’s so crucial in our quest to raise awareness and change people’s perceptions of plastic waste. Whether it be volunteers turning out in droves, picking litter and having a great time in the sun, kids having fun learning about the issue or curious beach-goers who wonder what the fuss is all about, it has a big impact on our community.

Almost half of our ocean’s surface is covered in plastic waste, with 8 million tons of plastic entering the sea every year. Unfortunately, plastic is incredibly durable, with every piece of plastic produced still existing somewhere on our planet. Pier 2 Pier beach cleans aim to heighten awareness of beach littering, single-use plastic and unnecessary waste, cutting down on this damaging pollution one clean at a time. As Sunday proved, it can be pretty fun, too!

We also wish to give a massive thanks to the many wonderful volunteers who turned out on the day to support our event and make sure everyone had the best time. Beach cleans just wouldn’t be possible without you! If you would like to volunteer with us in the future then please do let us know. As summer approaches, keep your eyes peeled for the next beach clean in the sun!

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