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What you can do this Saturday 8th June (and beyond) to help our oceans...

A day very close to our hearts is coming up this Saturday, 8th June - World Oceans Day!

On World Oceans Day, people from around our beautiful blue planet celebrate and honour the ocean - which of course connects us all. We've all heard the dire news that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050, so this year it's more important than ever to spread the message about keeping our oceans clean.

But of course, we need more than a day to do this - so we've devised an exciting 3 phase plan this summer, to ramp up awareness:

Phase 1 of our poster campaign has already begun - 40+ posters are up along Brighton seafront thanks to a donation from local students and past Pier2Pier volunteer, Catarina Abend, plus we received discount advertising from SWAT Marketing.

Phase 2 - getting our posters in shop windows all over town! Tomorrow, 6th June, our volunteers will be heading out around town for an action day with our beautiful posters, to get as many in shop windows as possible. This is will help 1000s more people see them every day, which will only be a good thing for our beach and ocean. So if you're a local business owner and would like to support the cause, please get in touch if we haven't already come to your establishment.

Phase 3 is even more exciting....PUBLIC TRANSPORT!

We know that one of the most effective advertising methods, is on public transport - and why shouldn't a campaign as important as this be up there with the big names? We will write more about this in the weeks to come, but for now we can safely say that we are extremely excited at the possibility of seeing our beautiful, powerful posters out in the big world.

Support us and your oceans this summer...

As well as getting any local businesses you know involved with showing our posters in their windows, you can:

- click 'attending' on facebook for our upcoming summer beach clean event, on June 30th.

- attend Brighton Dolphin Project's beach clean on World Oceans Day, June 8th.

- look out for a crowdfunding campaign in the near future to help us raise money to get phase 3 off the ground! 

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