An Everyday Badass who takes it upon themselves to complete small acts of kindness for the environment. They dare to imagine and action a world where we clean up our oceans, instead of accepting a world where we don't. They're changing the world, one adventure at a time!


    For us, the Eco-revolution is all about coming together to give back to our environment...

    We believe together we CAN make a difference.

    Join one of our community beach cleans!

    Since we launched Pier2Pier in 2017 over 3,000 eco-rebels have joined us and removed tonnes of harmful litter from the busiest stretch of Brighton beach (between the two piers) through our famous Silent Disco Beach Cleans and Beach Clean Bingo!


    Support from our local community has been overwhelmingly positive. We're pleased to see people returning each month, and making changes to reduce plastic.

    Each month we host a themed disco beach clean!

    This is a fantastic way to get the whole community together, have some fun and give back to the beach we all know and love!


    Our community beach cleans are so important to us, and we know they also make a difference to the people of Brighton and Hove - providing a fun and accessible platform for taking action.


    10% of all profits from private bookings will go back into community projects and driving the eco-revolution!




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